Established in 1991, Art-2 Gallery functions as a contemporary art gallery and as an art consultancy. Specialising in contemporary sculpture, paintings and ceramics, the gallery is known for promoting a high standard of art from this region through their bold exhibitions and commissions.

One of the only galleries to specialise in public sculpture and three-dimensional work in Singapore, Art-2 Gallery have been consultants for several worthy art projects with a high profile, working from conception to installation of artworks, including advising on publicity and media relations. The gallery also provides consultation for valuations, art collections, art exhibitions and other visual arts-related events.

Art-2 is also a founder member of the Art Galleries Association (Singapore). The director, Vera Ong, has had extensive experience in various aspects of art business and consultancy over the past twenty-two years.

What's On!

  • 19 Nov - 13 Dec 2014

    In conjunction with Awaken the Dragon Festival 2014 at Jalan Bahar, this exhibition is the highlight, featuring contemporary ceramic works from both international and local community. A treat for all ceramic enthusiats and collectors, the exhibition will showcase works in differing form and medium from wood-fired pottery to porcelain sculptures.

  • 2-19 April 2014
    Gather & Disperse


    A mark of her devotion to 3-dimensional works, this is the final showcase of Chng’s bronze sculptures that were conceptualized since 1990s. Drawing inspiration from her global educational pursuits, writers and nature, Chng uses everyday materials to form her sculptures before casting them immortally into bronze.

  • 22 February 2014
    We are closed this Saturday, 22 February 2014

    Dear all

    Art-2 will be closed on 22 February 2014, due to the Annual Shutdown of Old Hill Street Police Station.

    We will resume operations on 24 February, Monday.

    Happy weekend!

    Warm Regards
    Vera, Sheena & Nadiah


  • 13 January - 29 January
    Sleepless in the City

    The starting point for this series of oil paintings by Hong Sek Chern is the etching “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” (1797 – 1798) by Francisco Goya. The artist is fascinated by the notion of the unknown and irrational in the so-called ‘rational’ act of sleeping.
    Instead of showing dreamscapes that elude the sleeplessness, the paintings depict snippets of day scenes – the void deck of HDBs, hawker centres, by the Singapore River and other parts of the city. The gestures and expressionist strokes intrude or recede to suggest the constant struggle between accessing the external, objective reality whilst negotiating the internal, subjective individuality.

  • 16 October - 9 November 2013
    The Empty Room

    "My inspiration for this series of works 2 years ago came from having my studio emptied out after works were out for a major solo show. It is very rare to have my studio in an empty state. I felt free and light and allowed my imagination to run. An evolution of forms were born after. Through the experience, I realized that if we empty ourselves sometimes, interesting ideas can pop up."

    Victor Tan, September 2013

  • 3 - 31 July 2013
    Mnemonic Garden

    Art-2 is proud to present,
    a solo exhibition by Devaki.
    After ten years, the artist is back with more powerful new works!

    Features of her new works
    can be viewed

    Come join us on Wednesday, 3 July 2013 at 6:30 pm, for an evening in the Mnemonic

  • 1 - 6 June 2013
    Diversity 2013 - Art is a Concept to be Challenged

    Art-2 in collaboration presents, 
    Diversity 2013 - Art Is a Concept to be Challenged
    A joint exhibition with 6 adjoining galleries.
    We extend a personal invite to join us for the Opening Reception on 31 May 2013 at 6:30pm.
    The exhibition will run from 1 -6 June 2013.

    Please RSVP to johnson_kee@toph.com.sg by 20 May 2013.
    We look forward to seeing you.

    Vera, Sheena & Nadiah

  • 4 - 10 April 2013
    Contentions - 4 Myanmar Artists coming together

    Almost fifteen years back Aung Myint, San Minn and M.P.P Yei Myint made their first exhibition in Singapore at The Substation in an exhibition “New Paintings from Myanmar” arranged by Art-2 Gallery, 1996. Here in 2013, the artists are again showing their new works, with the addition of Kyee Myint Saw, who is certainly not a newcomer to the gallery circuit. 

    In the course of looking forward with new works, the artists are also typically looking back, the intimations of hindsight being an indicator of where and how far one has traversed the course. The idea of the four artists coming to exhibit together, and in Singapore, is mainly to allow new views of their work, which also turns internally onto themselves as producers of art.

  • 5pm, 8 Feb - 12 Feb 2013
    Closure for Chinese New Year

    We will be closed from 5pm, 8 February - 12 February.

    The gallery will resume operations from 13 February, 11am - 7pm.

    Art-2 wishes you good health and prosperity all year round.

    Happy Lunar New Year!

  • 10 Jan - 31 Jan 2013

    ALAM – A pottery exhibition by Suriani Suratman

    "Every time I go to my little studio at Jalan Bahar Clay Studis (JBCS) on the west corner of Singapore I am greeted by nature’s beauty –  trees of different height, plants in a wide variety of forms and, of course, the various calls of birds. This charming surrounding is as calming to my soul as it is an inspiration for my works. “Alam”, the title of my exhibition, is a Malay word which refers to the world, the environment and the natural surroundings. In this exhibition, I present works inspired by nature. I am awed by the forms and textures that nature creates –  the curves of leaf stalks, the contours of fern leave, the folds of the fungus, and the skilfully-built nests by the birds. In this series of works, I try to capture this beauty of nature’s forms and textures."

    Suriani Suratman, December 2012