Hiroko Mita


(b. 1971, Japan)

Hiroko Mita's pottery journey began at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios (JBCS) in 2006. She was introduced to a pottery lesson that was conducted by the Master Potter, Iskandar Jalil, when she was a Japanese docent at the Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum of Singapore. It was also then that Iskandar Jalil introduced her the basic techniques of pottery.
When it comes to creating her pieces, she creates with the understanding in mind that every clay and raw material has a different and unique character of its own, similar to human beings, and takes the time to get to know the medium she is working on. In her pottery journey, she appreciates the many years of experiences of people combined with the knowledge and wisdom of pottery as she discovers an existing co-relation between both.
The significance of adding Jalan Bahar local clay slip to her works or ash from Guan Huat Dragon Kiln (where JBCS is located) conveys her respect for the people and land where she comes from.

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